SDG&E SPP Load Impact Evaluation Report

Mar 1, 2015

SDG&E’s Smart Pricing Project (SPP), originally proposed in 2010, was adopted in decision D-12-12-004 and provides a dynamic pricing option to virtually all of its estimated 1.2 million residential, 116,000 small commercial (i.e., customers with maximum demand less than 20 kW), and 3,400 agricultural customers. Implementation of time varying rates is a significant shift for SDG&E’s smaller customers and provides an incentive for reducing consumption during peak periods as well as an opportunity for customers to save on monthly bills by adjusting their behavior. This report estimates the load impacts of SPP rates that were made available to small commercial customers during the summer of 2014 (ex post) and predicts load impacts for the SPP rates that are scheduled to go into effect in 2015 for all small commercial and agricultural customers over the period 2015–2025 (ex ante).