Take Action on April 22 -- Together We Can Restore the Earth

Apr 19, 2021

Our Planet’s Special Day

Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 every year since 1970. It is the day where people around the world are taking steps to clean up the environment, conserve energy, recycle, and make a difference. Nexant is committed to restoring the earth through energy efficiency and enabling the clean energy transition for future generations. Our award-winning solutions improve efficiency and save resources. Check out these blogs to learn more about the range of energy work we are doing and our focus on sustainability. 

Nexant’s Sustainability Efforts

We are proud of our sustainability achievements as a company and how our business aligns with the goal of a resourceful, responsible, and sustainable world. Nexant has a Sustainability Committee that manages and tracks our sustainability efforts as a company. The main functions of the committee include submitting emissions data to The Climate Registry, purchasing carbon offsets, tracking office and telecommuter progress with our Green Scorecards, maintaining our EUISSCA membership, and assisting Business Development with sustainability queries from our clients and future clients. We have a corporate sustainability policy that commits us to continual improvement, and a Sustainability Coordinator in each office. 

In 2019, Nexant  became an official member of the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance, which 21 utilities (and many of our clients) have joined in an effort to “green” the utility supply chain. The Alliance works with its members and stakeholders to identify and exchange successful practices and deliver tangible business value to member organizations through the application of sustainability practices. The Alliance encourages sharing of best practices through an annual survey tool that provides performance trends and benchmark data for all members and sponsors an annual Sustainable Sourcing Conference to address sustainability challenges. 

In our work with The Climate Registry, Nexant achieved Climate Registered Gold Status for reporting and verifying our greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020, the Sustainability Committee took additional measures to improve our reporting and scoring including the following:

  • New expense report analysis to determine car mileage being expensed
  • New Airport codes field in our expense report system to better quantify CO2 from flights
  • New Commuter Survey to quantify scope 3 CO2 emissions
  • Set public GHG emissions reductions targets

In addition to being carbon neutral via offsets, Nexant began publicly stating CO2 reduction goals in 2020 to demonstrate our commitment to decreasing our impact on the environment. Nexant built a progressive CO2 emissions reduction structure that is designed to reflect rapid worldwide changes, particularly those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are two aspects to this effort: 1) A structured, standard annual reduction with a set baseline and 2) an innovative, progressive carbon offset approach. Full details can be found on our sustainability page. The progressive carbon offset approach will give Nexant an increasing financial incentive to achieve CO2 reduction goals that ensures our business activities have a positive impact on future generations.

How We Celebrate Earth Day

Nexant’s internal company-wide Earth Day awareness campaign gave some concrete things we can do to improve energy efficiency (see below) and helped find ways to take action against climate change in our homes: 

Another way to make a difference for the Earth is by cleaning up public spaces. Try bringing a bag with you to pick up garbage on your next walk, run, or trip to the park. Click on the links below to learn about more ways to make a difference: 

Best wishes on Earth Day -- you have the power to make a difference. Together we can #RestoreOurEarth.