We’re All In This Together: COVID-19 Nexant Life

Jun 15, 2020

The past months have proven that the coronavirus stay-at-home orders haven’t canceled our spirit of fun at Nexant. From Trivia Night to Pie Deliveries to Fitness Bingo, we have found many ways to come together while apart, whether through virtual lunches, online contests, or sharing experiences through our Intranet. We know that getting to work with each other every day is a big reason our team is so successful, and we encourage these virtual connections. 

Nexant Culture and Resilience

Nexant is filled with innovative minds, so it's no surprise that our teams and offices have some good ideas for staying connected during social distancing. Here are some of the fantastic things our staff came up with to stay connected, keep up spirits, stay motivated, and adapt during social distancing. 

  • WAFFLE CHECK-IN. One of our supervisors invited her team to make waffles and then eat breakfast as a team via video chat.
  • VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR OR LUNCH. Many of our teams have scheduled some down time to get together with lunch or beverages and talk about things other than work. Some discussions were “worthy TV for passing the quarantine period” and “recipes for stress baking.” 
  • TEAM PODCAST. Brad Pierce (VP Business Processing, SLC) created a podcast for his team to keep in touch and explore subjects related to business processing. Each podcast is hosted by Brad and features a different guest/subject matter expert.

Virtual Activities and Contests

Our teams across the globe mix a good amount of fun into our work routine! During the pandemic they were able to continue to provide excellent service to our clients while working as a team remotely, and still mix in social distance connections. 

  • TRIVIA NIGHT. The hosts ask questions from the board game Trivial Pursuit (and other trivia cards) and players use the Google Meet chat function to type in answers.
  • SCAVENGER HUNT. Our Salt Lake City team created the ultimate home office scavenger hunt! Everyone who participated used their phone to take pictures of 10 items from around their house.
  • HOME HEALTH CHALLENGE + FITNESS BINGO. Some offices have created invites to participate in a month-long health challenge to commit to 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Participants log their activity in a shared Google sheet and also play Fitness Bingo where you mark completing 20 lunges, 30 squats, 10 minute dance party, etc.

“Coworkers” and New Workspaces

With COVID-19 social distancing orders, most Nexant staff were required to work from home. So we asked staff to share pictures of how they are making it work with their newest “coworkers” and “office assistants”, and workspaces. Staff from around the world submitted photos and random winners were picked to win some swag.

They crash your meetings, they invade your desk, and they never clean up after themselves. But, the worst “coworkers” ever still make us smile and spread the love. We invited staff to share pictures of their pets… err “office assistants.” We also asked our employees to consider rescuing from a local shelter since pets can help relieve anxiety, stress, and depression.

We also shared pictures of our workspaces, some of which were unusual (ping pong tables, coffee tables, card tables, campers) to show off how we are all making it work. Even though we are apart, it’s important to us to find ways to stay connected and keep our spirits up. 

There’s no doubt the pandemic is a serious crisis, but these stories about connecting and adapting are a positive and helpful way for our teams to face the challenges of staying home and working from home. Nexant is #InThisTogether. Thank you to everyone for your work and perseverance!