Why We Love What We Do

Jul 22, 2019


here is why our staff love working at Nexant

We asked Nexant staff to answer the question "What do you love about what you do?" Many of the answers were about making a difference, the constantly changing industry, and helping society work toward a sustainable energy future. Whether we are running an energy efficiency or renewable energy program, conducting market research, managing the grid, advising chemical industries, or designing software solutions, our employees are sincere about improving the world for future generations.  If you're interested in working with Nexant, check out where we are hiring.


Sam Mueller, Senior Vice President, Utility Services


Judi Back, Administrative Manager, Utility Services


Georgia Iordanescu, Principal Program Director, Government Services


Cody Jones, Graphic Designer, Corporate Marketing


Patrick Newey, Corporate Marketing Manager


Yi Liu, Professional Engineer, Utility Services


Brad Simcox, Vice President of Client Solutions, Utility Services


Molly Griffin, Marketing Manager, Utility Services


Evan Foster, Business Intelligence Architect, Utility Services, and Leader of the Sustainability Committee