Year in Review: Best Blogs of 2020

Jan 7, 2021

It's the start of a New Year! At Nexant, we have hope for 2021 and beyond. Hope for the energy industry and clean energy transition, hope for the COVID-19 vaccine, and hope for humanity.

For us, thankfully, 2020 was memorable for other reasons beyond the disruptions of the pandemic. Last year, we reached a milestone of 20 years in business and celebrated our Anniversary. We also celebrated a safety record of 950 days without incident. Our work with partners Smarter Grid Solutions and Greensync in the UK grid was lauded by a Wood Mackenzie study, which called the electricity network control system as “among the most advanced in the world.” Nexant was issued a patent for a fundamental breakthrough and solution to the problem of indeterminacy in the clearing value of electrical energy in power systems, and incorporated this solution into our iHedge software. We also secured new contracts, including an expansion of our work with ComEd to manage their Outreach Service Provider network.

Internally, Nexant’s two business units separated in order to help each business focus on and serve our customers best. As a result of this, Nexant’s Energy & Chemicals Advisory business unit migrated to a new website. The previous Energy & Chemicals Advisory content of the,, and websites are all combined into the new The content on is now dedicated to Nexant’s Utility Software & Services business; providing utility customers with Energy Efficiency Delivery and Strategy & Planning services, as well as our power software of iEnergy, Grid360, and iHedge.

Last, but not least, in addition to being carbon neutral via offsets, Nexant began publicly stating CO2 reduction goals in 2020 to demonstrate our commitment to decreasing our impact on the environment. Nexant built a progressive CO2 emissions reduction structure that is designed to reflect rapid worldwide changes, particularly those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more here.

Throughout the year, our staff has been writing and sharing our knowledge, research, and company updates on our blog and social media. We hope our expertise and ideas helped our readers learn more about recent industry trends. We love being part of the conversation! Here are some of the most thoughtful and insightful Nexant blogs of 2020.


Energy Efficiency Victories in 2020 (AKA Don’t Fall Victim to Doomscrolling)

Will you be doomscrolling or boonscrolling in 2021? In this interview with Steve Nadel of ACEEE, Jim Giordano asks what went well last year in the world of Energy Efficiency and presents a case for optimism.

Views from the Forefront of the Clean Energy Transition

In this blog and webinar, John Dirkman explains Nexant’s contribution to the transforming energy industry and how Net Zero ready technology will affect electricity distribution networks.


Shedding Some Light on Commercial and Industrial LED Applications

In this two-part interview, Lynn Belken and Katy McSurdy learn from a Senior Lighting Scientist at Design Lights Consortium and learn about the future of customized illumination. Read Part 2 here.

Zero Safety Incidents for 950 Days!

Actually, make that 1,112 days now! We take safety seriously at Nexant and in this blog, we outline our Safety Program and its achievements.

Energy Efficiency Programs: COVID-19 Impacts and Innovations

Wondering how we adapted to the pandemic? This blog outlines how we adapted our Call Center, energy efficiency programs, marketing, and more.

Infrastructure Security: Securing the Grid of the Future

Our IT Security expert Erich Barlow outlines the benefits of some new technical developments in the grid and how vulnerabilities and threats can be used against us.

A Technology-Enabled Approach to Improving a Longstanding Small Business Program

Small business energy efficiency programs can benefit from specific technology applications to program design, program implementation, and market analysis. In this case study, we applied creative and innovative solutions to achieve program goals.

The Long 9 Minutes: A Test of Grid Resilience

On April 5, 2020, India observed a 9-minute “Lights Out” event to show solidarity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how they ensured the grid would be able to safely handle the load reduction and quick reversal.

Timeless Leadership Lessons from a Successful Consultant and Entrepreneur

It’s not every day you get a leader like Dr. Michael Sullivan. Senior Vice President Josh Schellenberg the advice and lessons he has learned in this inspiring profile of his mentor.

Video Interview: Customer Care and Business Processing at Nexant

Pre-COVID-19 nostalgia alert! We filmed this interview in our Salt Lake City office before the pandemic. Learn how we got to processing rebate applications in just ONE day with the check received in ONE week---above and beyond the industry standard.