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energy density
Apr 1, 2019
Stephen B Harrison
Brexit: Implications for European Gas Interconnectors? The natural gas supply dynamic in Europe may well be impacted if Brexit negotiations complicate, or add cost, to gas exchange between the UK and...
setting your thermostat
Mar 20, 2019
Lynn Belken
These days, there's a day to celebrate just about everything … pizza, cheese doodles, cereal, name tags, light bulbs, unplugging, cut your energy costs, and more. But it seems that thermostats are...
Capacity Growth in Aromatics Market
Mar 19, 2019
Andrew Powell
What is happening in Aromatics Aromatics are one of the basic building blocks of the petrochemical industry, with benzene, toluene, and xylenes the most important of these chemicals commercially...
Grid consulting, DR rate design, DER Locational Value
Mar 12, 2019
Jim Giordano
I’d like to pose this question to you: “Is the value of a kW reduced (or a kWh saved) on Distribution feeder A, the same as its value on Distribution feeder B, or Distribution feeder C?” In many of...
alternative fuels for cars
Mar 10, 2019
Maureen Haynes
Methanol is a high octane alcohol that should have been a contender as an automotive fuel. Methanol burns more cleanly and efficiently than gasoline without producing as much carbon monoxide and NOx...
Butadiene supply
Mar 4, 2019
Lorraine Moneypenny
The US needed lots of rubber during World War II. Some battleships contained 20,000 rubber parts. Every inch of military wiring needed to be wrapped in rubber. With its enemy occupying the rubber...
Plastic Waste Solution
Mar 4, 2019
Robert Hogan
Fungus, the organism that causes worrying black patches in bathrooms, the petri-dish mould Alexander Fleming famously extracted penicillin from, the magic ingredient that makes blue cheese, truffle...
Polymers and automobiles changing in the EV landscape
Feb 27, 2019
Priyanka Khemka
The automotive industry is the third most important consuming sector of polymers after packaging and building & construction . Therefore, changes in the material usage can have major implications...
Mega-trends in the energy and chemicals industry
Feb 20, 2019
Stephen B Harrison
On August 29, 2018, the US high-tech stock index, the NASDAQ Composite, reached a new all-time high at just above 8109. Clearly there have been some market gyrations since then, but it demonstrates...
specialty fertilizers and market insights
Feb 19, 2019
Stephen B Harrison
Crop science and agro-tech are hot discussion points in the German and global chemicals press today. We often read about the transformations inside Bayer, as it shifts its focus towards these product...