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Meet the Lab ยป EV Chargers

Clean, sustainable energy to power electric vehicles

close up of an electric vehicle charger connected to the the side of a house

EV Chargers enable clean, sustainable energy to power electric vehicles, reducing your carbon footprint. A Level 2 charger ensures your EV is ready to go when you are, providing a full charge in 4-8 hours, depending on the EV model.

Potential Energy Savings

An ENERGY STAR-certified Level 2 connected charger uses 40% less energy than standard vehicle chargers.

How They Work

EV chargers are essential infrastructure for the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads today. They supply electric power to recharge the batteries of electric vehicles, enabling them to travel longer distances and reducing the dependence on traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

  • They contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by facilitating the transition to cleaner electric transportation. As renewable energy sources become more prevalent in the power grid, EV chargers can enable the use of clean, sustainable energy to power electric vehicles, further reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Level 2 chargers are energy-efficient, minimizing power losses during the charging process.

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