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Energy-Saving Kits: The Workhorse for Residential Portfolios

  • Written by Kelli Bluhm
  • February 15, 2024
Low-flow showerhead

Energy-saving kit programs remain an integral part of residential portfolios based on their effectiveness in introducing customers to products that can quickly make an impact in a home. Whether it's through enhancing building performance through improved weatherization, mitigating the energy required to heat water, or eliminating wasted energy from electronics devices, bundled offerings are the hands-on, interactive delivery mechanism programs can use to get their customer invested and engaged in improving whole home efficiency.

For decades this has been no secret to us. We witnessed a powerful response time and again when customers realized they could lower their energy bills and improve home comfort through small, incremental actions. These interactions came face-to-face through pop-up retail, where bundled offerings were our biggest draw. As our business evolved, we applied the same approach to the kit, bundles, and packs programs we have administered in 12 states and counting.

An excellent example of what's attainable is our work in support of the FOCUS ON ENERGY® program in Wisconsin. The Energy-Saving Packs program offers customers of participating electric and gas utilities the opportunity to order a free pack once every year. Customers have the option of three (3) packs and can place their order online or via phone. Highlights of program delivery include:   

  • We have administered the kits program since the fall of 2019, fulfilling  600,000 orders. In 2023 alone, we fulfilled 117,000 orders that reached customers' doorsteps within seven days.
  • Our development team recently upgraded the dedicated Energy-Saving Packs program site, which converts at 44% while extracting extensive customer data for program participation.
  • Our marketing team utilizes seasonality in their creative and messaging approach, providing utilities and cooperative partners engaging content to market the program offering directly.
  • The Energy-Savings Packs program has a 9.5 customer satisfaction rating and continues to serve as an entry point for customers to become involved in other programs with Focus on Energy.

While decarbonization, electric vehicle, and demand response initiatives attract much of the spotlight from program planning and design, it’s kit programs that continue as the workhorse for residential portfolios, crucial in capturing customers' attention and vital for programs to thrive.  

To learn more about how we can develop new solutions and business models that deliver for your community, visit our E-Commerce DSM Solutions page Let our team put together a comprehensive kit program delivery plan for your market and learn how we can help you improve customer engagement.