The energy industry is in transition. Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and social justice policies are shifting how we prioritize and value utility demand-side management programs. Grid flexibility is also an increasingly important feature of program structure. Innovative program designs and approaches continue to be foundational to achieving our goals.

Resource Innovations delivers long-term, cost-effective energy efficiency using market transformation approaches, while supporting GHG reduction, grid flexibility, and environmental justice goals.

The Resource Innovations team has decades of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating market transformation initiatives across all sectors and technologies to customize a comprehensive approach to meet your unique needs. Our team’s involvement dates to the earliest days of energy efficiency market transformation, including the design and launch of several pivotal efficient appliance initiatives and the founding of a multi-state market transformation nonprofit. More recently, the team has supported the creation of statewide frameworks, led efforts to scale and transform consumer products and water heating markets, and facilitated international emerging technology collaboratives.

Resource Innovations market transformation product line

Advisory Services

As utilities continue to expand energy efficiency-centric program designs into other products and services, Resource Innovations can work with your team to assess how market transformation can work with your portfolio, regulatory framework, and evaluation environment. This includes identifying barriers and opportunities for the products and services you wish to see adopted, designing intervention strategies to create lasting change in those markets, supporting the transition of market transformation initiatives into broader demand side management portfolios, and accelerating the integration of emerging technologies.

Market Transformation Solutions  

Our market transformation initiatives incorporate fully developed program logic, market transformation theories, natural market baselines, detailed intervention strategies, and evaluation plans to track market progress. These programs can be adjusted to local market dynamics and utility needs and provide an array of options for clients considering launching a market transformation portfolio.

Our existing program designs encompass consumer products, water heating, shell measures, commercial and residential HVAC, and commercial lighting. This broad foundation allows us to help utilities rapidly incorporate new initiatives into existing efficiency portfolios.

Collaborative Building and Management

Collaboratives are proven tools in market transformation, allowing organizations to pool resources and align around common goals. By increasing awareness and action around a central mission, collaboratives effectively build scale and increase market influence. Resource Innovations staff have experience building and managing successful collaboratives to bring international alignment, thought leadership, and leverage to bear on markets. This accelerates diffusion and increases the efficiency of market transformation initiatives.