Program Delivery

Resource Innovations has a long track record of delivering energy efficiency savings in both income eligible and traditional residential programs. Our offerings focus on inclusive program designs, providing equitable access and benefits to both customers and partners, and reaching and serving a diverse customer segment. We work closely with partner networks, service providers, and communities to achieve our clients’ goals using demand-side solutions. Our program design innovations include community-based delivery models that engender trust and keep more program dollars in the local economy. Our focus on market development identifies opportunities and builds capacity for energy efficiency services for years to come, providing support, resources, and training directly to local and diverse businesses and organizations to expand their roles in program delivery. Paired with our commitment to delivering exceptional client service, we seek to strengthen our clients’ relationships with their customers and communities by maximizing our clients’ impact and investments through their residential offerings.

Our Services:


Providing assessments and comprehensive home improvements that help households save energy and money on their utility bills while improving home safety, comfort, and durability.

Energy-Efficient Equipment Upgrades

Offering markdowns and incentives for appliance, lighting, and HVAC upgrades to help customers save at home.

New Construction

Working with building designers and contractors to make sure new homes are using innovative energy efficient equipment, technologies, and materials.