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ACEEE Honors Lauren Casentini with 2021 Champion of Energy Policy Award

  • Written by Resource Innovations Staff
  • July 14, 2021
Lauren Casentini, founder and CEO of Resource Innovations, is honored with the 2021 Champion of Energy Efficiency Award in the Energy Policy category by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), recognizing her influential 30-year career in shaping energy policy at all levels of government and her commitment to equity in the energy industry.

San Francisco, CA, July 14, 2021 Resource Innovations founder and CEO, Lauren Casentini, a pioneering advocate for innovative energy efficiency programs at the neighborhood, regional, state, and federal levels, was honored with the 2021 Champion of Energy Efficiency Award in the Energy Policy category by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). This award recognizes her 30-year career in the energy industry in which she has influenced policies at all levels of government, including extensive work with the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency where she integrated policy to spearhead some of the nation's first and most successful energy efficiency programs. She also has become a recognized leader and champion of equity in the energy industry.

In the past two decades as a consultant and entrepreneur, Lauren guided the design and implementation of ground-breaking energy and water conservation programs for the agriculture and school sectors in California and led award-winning residential, commercial, and industrial energy efficiency efforts in several Midwestern states. Lauren was instrumental in progressing energy policy with national appliance standards, including through her appointment to the DOE Appliance Standards Committee. Lauren is a co-founder and long-time board member of the California Efficiency and Demand Management Council and serves as the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, as well as a member of the board’s policy committee to shape and advocate for sound energy policy at the state level. She served as Vice Chair of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Board of Directors, which was instrumental in shaping energy policy and expanding energy efficiency work in the region. Lauren served as Senior Vice President for Regulatory Relations and National Policy and California and Midwest Operations for the largest provider of energy solutions in North America.

Lauren is passionate about bringing diverse groups to the table to help energy efficiency funding reach all populations, fostering partnerships with local diverse businesses and community-based organizations to strengthen local communities and industries.

Fueled by her passion to maximize impact on equity and climate change, she most recently led Resource Innovations’ acquisition of Nexant, an industry partner with 20+ years of experience in demand-side management, grid management, and renewables.

“Over the years I’ve been grateful to partner with ACEEE and witness the foundational impact they have had on EE by championing advocacy, research, and policy. I am so honored to be recognized by ACEEE for the 2021 Energy Policy Award. This industry has many changes on the horizon and I look forward to working with colleagues across the industry to overcome these challenges while continuing to build a women-led company full of passionate, driven energy professionals,” said Lauren Casentini, CEO of Resource Innovations. 


Resource Innovations is a substantially woman-owned, woman-led energy consulting firm dedicated to creating equal access to clean resources through diverse partnerships. The company's deep roots and broad expertise in resource efficiency, policy development, coalition and partnership building, and market-based technology enable the delivery of high-performing clean energy solutions. Nexant brings over 20 years of industry experience in demand-side management, grid management, and renewables, as well as a comprehensive suite of software designed to support these initiatives.