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Targeted grid software

Master the grid with smart energy software.

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Grid360 Energy Software Solutions

Unlock the power of next-generation grid management with our suite of cutting-edge solutions.

Grid Analytical Engines

Our software effectively manages the evolving grid, including engines for optimal power flow, volt/VAR regulation, state estimation, fault analysis, and forecasting. Ready to optimize with superior scalability, reliability, and performance? Our engines are your solution, seamlessly integrating with and powering industry-leading EMS, ADMS, and DERMS.

Grid Impact Assessment System

Empower your business with advanced visualization, analytics, and planning applications for transmission and distribution. Our platform facilitates the interconnection and optimization of demand response, electric vehicles, DERs including solar and wind generation and storage, smart meter and power electronic device analysis, and load forecasting.

Reactive Power Coordination System

Want to add renewable energy but concerned with mitigating power and voltage fluctuations? Take control with our Reactive Power Coordination System to analyze grid data, optimize power flow, and dispatch reactive power to support voltage security. Achieve a reliable and efficient grid with our scalable, comprehensive analysis solutions.

Grid Network Model Optimization System (Modelex)

Consolidate complex interconnected transmission models for peak performance. Our software identifies which elements including lines, transformers, and generators can be simplified through detailed sensitivity calculations. It also validates the reduced model’s accuracy by comparing it with the original and testing various topologies and load conditions.

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Financial Transmission Rights Management System (iHedge)

Tired of unpredictable energy costs? Hedge against transmission congestion and maximize your profits in the energy market. Our financial simulation, analysis, and engagement system is used by energy leaders across North America and internationally to improve bid performance through post-auction analytics and to manage risks through predictive intelligence.

Grid Software Implementation Services

Ensure smooth and effective system deployment and operation. Our comprehensive implementation services include requirements definition, system architecture, data validation, system integration, testing, training, change management, and ongoing support.

Smart Energy Analytics Software by the Numbers

Gain valuable insights to maximize resiliency, security, and efficiency.

$3Bannual financial transmission rights value managed
125control centers using RI grid software
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Grid360 Platform Clients

Leading utilities, government agencies, and system operators and suppliers depend on Resource Innovations' expertise to secure the grid and improve customer satisfaction.

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Smart Grid Solutions for the EV Revolution

As EV adoption rises, learn how to stay ahead of the curve with UK Power Network's actionable approach to addressing load growth.

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