Impact (ESG)

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) at Resource Innovations


Resource Innovations was founded on a belief that clean energy can be affordable and accessible to all. Our mission is rooted in four key pillars that guide every team member, every partnership, and every business decision forward:

  1. Climate change: mitigating the impacts of a warming planet
  2. Equity: ensuring equal opportunity in the clean energy economy
  3. Innovation: leading sustainable solutions that transform our industry
  4. Scale and impact: solving systemic challenges to meet the world's growing energy demands with pace and urgency

At Resource Innovations, we're committed to applying environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards at the core of our business to guide the world's clean energy transition. Together with our clients, we develop scalable, market-based solutions to meet the unique needs and demands our clients face in today's evolving energy landscape. Our team of industry leaders bring deep utility expertise to the transformative consulting, implementation, and software solutions we provide—from grid to consumer level.

Our ESG practice, launched in 2022, is new, but our commitment to environmental, social, and governance best practices is deeply rooted in our DNA – from our senior leadership’s commitments to our founding documents to the values our employees share. Learn more below about some of our ESG program areas and contact us for more information.

Areas of focus include:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Since our earliest days as a certified woman-owned company, RI made a commitment to supporting all forms of diversity across our organization. When RI acquired Nexant in 2021, we built this legacy into our formation documents that name our governance board.
  • Community Impact: Supporting our clients in helping their ratepayers access affordable, clean energy is the cornerstone of our work.
  • Supplier Diversity:  Our supplier diversity program is modeled after our clients’ best-in-class programs and best practices from groups like EUISSCA and WBENC.
  • Policy: We are active participants in industry groups that promote a clean energy transition. Our leadership team has been recognized for their contributions to envisioning the clean energy transition.
  • Climate and Environmental Stewardship: For over a decade, our family of Resource Innovations companies has been demonstrating environmentally sustainable corporate leadership by recording, reporting, and offsetting our North American office carbon emissions with The Climate Registry. We track our baseline consumption of metrics such as energy, water, paper, trash, recyclables, and compostables.
  • Our Products and Services: Our team has deep technical expertise in strategic energy management, renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

Want to learn more about our ESG program and get involved? Reach out to us at