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Get onboard the Benefication Lab

Bring the future of energy to your market.

Resource Innovations' Benefication Lab setup outside on a sunny day

Bridge the electrification gap with an innovative, customer-centric approach.

The Benefication Lab, named after the amalgamation of Beneficial Electrification, seeks to simplify and guide homeowners and small businesses through the electrification journey.

The Benefication Lab offers a roving buffet of program delivery benefits.

A catalyst for cross-portfolio collaboration, the Lab unifies EE, demand response, & EV initiatives.

Why “Benefication”?

The concept of beneficial electrification can be a complex puzzle to convey to the average consumer. Pronouncing it during meetings proved to be a bit of a tongue twister, so we fused it together.

Interested in what your Benefication Lab could look like?

Get a Lab

All Labs are custom-designed and built, and take four months from contract to complete. Our team will work with you to determine the right products/equipment, suppliers, and marketing for your Lab.

Resource Innovations' Benefication Lab boxed up and ready for travel
Our Insights

Resource Innovations Unveils the Benefication Lab: A Hands-On Experience in Energy Transformation

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Benefication Lab—a revolutionary mobile experience that promises to reshape the way the industry engages customers about energy and electrification.