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Webinar Recap: Empowering Communities with Transportation Electrification Grants

Happy woman getting on an e-bike

For our latest webinar, "Empowering Communities with Transportation Electrification Grants", we teamed up with the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) to share firsthand details on how Pacific Power's eMobility Grant Program is transforming communities, and the pivotal role utilities can play in expanding the reach of electrification programs.

Key Insights
  • Over $5 million in funding has been awarded to projects to further electric mobility. 
  • Multiple utilities currently offer e-mobility grant programs for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) in public locations and for electric bikes, but it’s time to expand. Electric mobility comes in many forms! 
  • Electric mobility grant programs benefit not only underserved utility customers and communities but also utilities themselves: the utility offering grants is seen as a community partner and gains important stakeholder feedback. 
  • Having flexible programs is critical for success. RI has built-in processes to ensure flexibility and maximize the impact of grant programs. 
Why should utilities get involved? 

TE grant programs offer substantial economic benefits. They stimulate growth in the EV industry, creating jobs in manufacturing, research and development, and infrastructure development. A report from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) suggests that investments in electric vehicle technology can lead to significant job creation in the clean energy sector. Additionally, increased EV adoption can reduce fuel and maintenance costs, further stimulating the economy. 

For utilities looking to be seen as stakeholders and partners within the communities they serve, supporting and expanding these grant programs should be a priority to assist in demonstrating their commitment to helping those who need it most. And in the race to meet the growing demands created by increased EV adoption and related infrastructure needs, every mile matters.

You can plug into our portfolio of tailored, end-to-end solutions and discover how we’re transforming transportation one fleet, community, and grid at a time, on our Transportation Electrification page or contact Kelly Helfrich to learn more about how our team of TE experts can help electrify your business or utility.