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EM&V, market characterization, measure design, and baselines

Study, evaluate, measure, and verify your energy results.

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Efficient energy assessments using optimal methods and widely accepted approaches.

Our team provides comprehensive EM&V services in all economic sectors, including all aspects of impact, process, cost-effectiveness, and emissions and market effects evaluations.

What makes us different?

We're an industry leader in customer engagement, market characterization, and program evaluation, including behavioral, pilot, and midstream.

Accurate, actionable, and defensible EM&V results

Economically optimized evaluations using the most applicable and industry accepted methodologies.

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Our in-house Survey Research Lab

A one-stop, full set of services, including data collection through surveys and in-depth interviews.

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Thoughtful and scientifically-based market research

Our research is supported by 20 years in the DSM cycle of planning, implementation, and evaluation.

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Research and Measurement by the numbers.

We have the people, passion, and scale to lead the energy transition.

40+impact and process evaluations completed per year
400+unique measures in our extensive, ever-evolving research database
20Ksurveys and 400 interviews conducted annually
1,000project engineering reviews & 450+ site visits completed annually
Advisory Services » Portfolio Planning and Design

Assess and achieve future energy opportunities.

We help you address market, regulatory, and business challenges of planning and delivering DSM programs, with a focus on cost-effective approaches that promote increased customer satisfaction.

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Advisory Services » Analytics and Strategic Consulting 

Move forward with confidence.

Our team of economists, statisticians, and data scientists provide you with clear, data-driven, defensible results and practical recommendations that hold up to regulatory review.

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Advisory Services » Grid Modernization

Plan for a cleaner, more resilient grid.

Our system engineers can help you estimate the cost-effectiveness of T&D infrastructure investments, assess EV and DER impacts, and build reliability and resiliency into your future plans.

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Put our energy expertise to work.

See how Resource Innovations can help you navigate the clean energy transition, meet your decarbonization goals, and deliver successful outcomes at scale.

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