Improve your planning and grid operations through complete energy and economic analysis, forecasting, and visualization of all grid influencers:

Demand response, solar and wind, energy storage, electric vehicles, microgrids, and VVO—including smart inverters

Today’s dynamic grid requires an equally dynamic approach to planning and operations. Grid360 Distribution Analytics (DA) is a rapidly deployable, web-based visualization, simulation, forecasting, and analytics platform designed to help large, medium, and small utilities manage the increasingly complex changes occurring at the grid edge. Grid360 DA provides system planners and operators with the ability to model the energy and economic impacts of all grid influencers—including demand response and energy efficiency programs, solar and wind generation, energy storage, electric vehicles, and microgrids in combination with Volt/VAR optimization programs—plan for and mitigate peak loading conditions, alert on and prevent predicted problems with voltage, loading, and unbalance, improve underlying network data quality, and improve situational awareness and system reliability.

Grid360 DA provides advanced applications for analytics and visualization:

  • Power Flow, State Estimation, Contingency Analysis: determine the current operating state of your distribution grid using AMI and/or SCADA data, discover and eliminate data/topology errors, and calculate system loading and voltage impacts of outages on conductors and transformers
  • Analysis of DR, DG, DER, EV, Improved Customer Service: evaluate the current and near-term energy and economic state of distribution grids including demand response (DR), distributed generation (DG - solar and wind, including smart inverters), distributed energy resources (DER - energy storage), electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, microgrids, Volt/VAR optimization (VVO) programs, and Grid Interconnection programs, improving customer service and reliability
  • Load Profiling, Short-Term, and Long-Term Load and DER Forecasting: create load profiles, develop short-term (days ahead) and long-term (months to years ahead) forecasts including DR, DG, DER, EV, and microgrids
  • Management of Independent Grids and Microgrids: manage independently owned commercial and industrial grids and microgrids
  • Advanced Data Quality and Reliability Analytics: analyze, validate, and improve transformer to meter assignment, phase assignment, sizing of devices and conductors, asset health indexes, prior outage causes and future outage prediction, and other data quality and reliability factors based on AMI and/or SCADA data and distribution network models

Product Images

Grid360 Image Overlay
Grid360 Load Profiles
Grid360 Long Term Load Forecasters
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Grid360 Scenario Comparison
Grid360 Outage Visualization