Effectively build, monitor, analyze, and optimize power system operation models in real-time

Grid360™ Transmission Analytics is the world’s most-trusted and used transmission grid management solution in operation today. With over 150 installations across the globe, Grid360 TA empowers transmission system operators to better monitor, analyze and optimize power system operation in real time to improve reliability, minimize loss and reduce operational expenses.


  • Provide greater visibility into the utility’s grid as well as neighboring grids, enhance situational awareness
  • Enhance or reduce network models to be more more manageable, reliable and accurate
  • Improve measurement data quality and network model accuracy
  • Greater cost savings on operational and data maintenance
  • Improved and accurate results from advanced real-time energy management tools
  • Reduce transmission loss, increase operational efficiency and derive cost savings
  • Analyze electrical outages, estimate outage location and reduce outage downtimes