Powering 600+ programs

Resource Innovations offers a comprehensive suite of the best-in-class energy enterprise software that transforms business processes and enables implementation of smart grid, clean energy, and demand management initiatives. Our solutions help utilities, power producers, and retailers improve visibility, increase operational and financial efficiency, reduce risk, and enhance customer engagement across the energy value chain. Our software and services are used at more than 200 utilities, market operators, and energy retailers.

iEnergy® Program Management (formerly iEnergy DSM Central)  administers, executes, and analyzes end-to-end customer programs including demand side management, energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicle charging, and grid interconnection business processes to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction—all in a single, secure, system of record.

iEnergy Trade Ally Connect connects utilities and contractors with customers to promote energy efficiency/water conservation solutions through effective engagement strategies.

iEnergy Technical Reference Library manages a master repository to provide a complete view of energy efficiency measures across customer programs and increases transparency for regulators and utilities.

iEnergy OnSite enables real-time, mobile assessments and delivers streamlined audits, analysis, and rebate information while improving the customer experience.