iEnergy® Program Management (formerly iEnergy DSM Central) enables utility executives and program managers to effectively plan and manage an entire portfolio of energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicle charging, and grid interconnection programs. The user-friendly,  cloud-based software platform supports end- to-end business process from planning to implementation and evaluation.

Why iEnergy Program Management?

Energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicle charging, and grid interconnection programs have historically been managed by using spreadsheets or custom implementations that often lack the functionality, flexibility, and scalability to enable utilities to effectively meet compliance requirements and have real-time visibility into program performance. iEnergy Program Management streamlines design, planning, implementation, reporting, and evaluation through its Customer Programs. They help utilities reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and provide real-time business intelligence. iEnergy Program Management gives utilities the ability to effectively engage their customers and partners by leveraging automated communication channels. Portfolio managers can easily modify and manage a full range of programs to help ensure cost-effective administration that meets their energy/ water conservation goals, and improves customer satisfaction by reducing rebate time.

Key Benefits

Reduce compliance risk. Accurately report performance to regulatory authorities and stakeholders and justify new investments through enforcement of business rules.

Reduce cost and complexity—drive energy and water savings.  Effective and efficient management through end-to-end automation, prioritizing allocation for rebates and incentives.

Improve customer satisfaction. Improve time to rebate and reduce errors through easy customer enrollment and streamlined communication.

Secure. Secure, role-based access improves the integrity of data, reduces the risk of errors, and prevents unauthorized access.

Flexible and extensible. Quickly design, deploy, and manage customer programs through easy configuration without coding or technical support.

Streamline planning and forecasting. Model and adjust programs and portfolios for optimal cost-effectiveness and savings.

Marketing campaign management. Automate the setup and management of program marketing campaigns as well as leads.


Learn more about our advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

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iEnergy User Experience Electric Vehicle Rebate
iEnergy Interface Electric Vehicle Incentive
iEnergy and Tableau Analytics for Utilities