Efficient, online DSM measure data management

iEnergy® Technical Reference Library is a secure database management tool capable of easily and effectively managing the complete set of Demand Side Management (DSM) and energy efficiency measure values utilized in Technical Reference Manuals (TRMs). This web-based interface gives utilities the ability to consolidate and organize efficiency measures and measure parameters to confidently report and meet compliance requirements. Regulators are provided with the business intelligence they increasingly require, through detailed views of the energy efficiency measures across DSM programs.

As a part of the Resource Innovations iEnergy platform for comprehensive DSM business process management, the iEnergy Technical Reference Library is capable of capturing, organizing and tracking a comprehensive set or library of energy efficiency measures, along with accompanying documentation. The application delivers improved transparency and consistency by enabling utility program administrators, evaluators and regulators to calculate, verify and audit TRM savings for all DSM programs with minimal effort and avoid errors in savings calculations.


  • Increased visibility and transparency via cloud-based interface for utilities and regulators to maintain and manage the complete set of DSM measures
  • Cost-effective, efficient, scalable management of measure data
  • Improved regulatory performance
  • Secure, role-based access ensures data protection and transparency, eliminates errors
  • Provides easy calculation, verification and auditing of uniform measure savings
  • Single repository of all efficiency measures and measure parameters across DSM programs