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iEnergy® Trade Ally Connect streamlines processes and automates communications to help achieve the goals of energy programs. Available through the Salesforce AppExchange, this software helps utilities share lists of qualified contractors with customers, connecting trade allies with projects that further the program. Service providers can expand their business opportunities and promote energy and water efficiency by becoming members of a utility's trade ally network. Utilities can easily manage contractor recruitment, training, and certifications in one place, while easily communicating about customer eligibility and program requirements. Trade Ally Connect is mobile responsive, so all users can access data from a phone or tablet.

Resource Innovations has grown and managed trade ally networks on behalf of utilities for over a decade. We've turned that experience into a cloud-based software platform that simplifies network operations and enhances customer experiences.


  • Automates and streamlines contractor invitation and approval process
  • Reduces costs associated with contractor recruitment, education, and management
  • Easy approval and validation of third party providers, document and contract management, incentives and rewards, certification, training, and marketing materials
  • Improves customer and partner participation and satisfaction in energy programs
  • Mobile view allows all users to access data on the go
  • Enables trade allies to gain competitive advantage and new business opportunities


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