Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

RI staff collage

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Resource Innovations, a women-led and -controlled organization, founded itself on a commitment to transform the energy industry to be more innovative, efficient, inclusive, equitable, and diverse. Our commitment informs both how we recruit and grow our internal team and how we approach our work with clients and the communities they serve. 

Our Plan

Our DE&I plan establishes firm commitments and actionable strategies to achieve majority-diverse representation in our leadership, hiring, partners, and spend. This includes women, minorities, and additional diverse categories.  Our strategies include:

Integrating DE&I approaches and policies throughout the company, including hiring, training, and company culture.


Increasing our diverse business partnerships and maximizing diverse spend through our supplier inclusion program.


Expanding strategies for our clients to meet their internal and regulatory DE&I goals and mandates.


Designing energy programs and solutions that strengthen the communities and industries we serve while reflecting their diversity.


Serving as a thought leader in our industry, continuously learning, and adapting, while challenging the energy industry to be more equitable, inclusive, and diverse.


At Resource Innovations, we recognize the need to do more and to do better. As we grow our organization, we honor these principles while creating the broadest possible impact.