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Plugged In, Charged Up: Cruise Through Our EV Solutions

Aerial of busy highways intersecting with fast cars and electric vehicles on roads

Do you want to speed up your knowledge on all things transportation electrification? Our team of experts has you covered. Over the past month, Resource Innovations has been sharing insights on how our solutions help utilities advance electric vehicle (EV) adoption and meet decarbonization goals. Buckle up and explore this roundup of our most compelling blogs and webinars, summarizing key topics such as the relationship between the IRA and EVs, how to empower communities with grants, and more.

Blog: Charging Ahead: The Inflation Reduction Act and the Electric Vehicle Revolution

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and EVs share a symbiotic relationship, positioning EVs as crucial for national sustainability. The IRA enhances EV accessibility through tax credits, potentially increasing U.S. EV sales by 50-60% by 2030. While provisions strive to make EVs affordable, charging infrastructure remains a barrier. Resource Innovations’ Transportation Electrification team acknowledges this challenge by actively contributing to global electrification efforts and emphasizing community understanding for successful EV adoption. EVs align seamlessly with the IRA, offering a win-win for prosperity and sustainability, and we invite your exploration of Resource Innovations' transformative transportation solutions.

Case Study: JEA’s Fleet Electrification Program Embraces the Drive for Change  

Resource Innovations and JEA, a Florida utility, have launched the Fleet Electrification Program to transition JEA's commercial fleet customers to electric vehicles (EVs). The turnkey program offers a free total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator, consultations with electrification experts, and financial incentives for charging infrastructure installations. In just three months, the program has distributed $15,000 in incentives. Resource Innovations and JEA's partnership addresses electrification hurdles by providing tailored solutions, offering a self-guided TCO calculator tool, and personalized fleet conversion plans. The program's success demonstrates how early utility involvement helps commercial customers confidently transition to EVs, reducing emissions and fuel costs.

Blog: Driving into the Future: The Synergy of Transportation Electrification and Beneficial Electrification

The Benefication Lab offers a tangible experience to help consumers understand the multifaceted concept of beneficial electrification. Beneficial electrification is a comprehensive approach that maximizes electricity benefits in various sectors, emphasizing efficiency, cleanliness, and cost-effectiveness. Transportation electrification is a key component, driving innovation in EV technology and infrastructure, aligning with policies like the Inflation Reduction Act. Our tailored solutions support EV infrastructure development, grid optimization, fleet electrification, and incentive programs, positioning us at the forefront of advancing sustainable and cost-effective electrification solutions.

Webinar: Empowering Communities with Transportation Electrification Grants

As the world embraces the electrification of transportation, utilities have a unique opportunity to drive sustainable change beyond traditional rebate programs. Resource Innovations teams up with Pacific Power, an electric utility in Oregon, to share how grant programs can support community-led electrification projects. While post-purchase rebate programs for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure have been of popular focus, we share the benefits of broader, more sustainable approaches to program design. Using Pacific Power’s eMobility Grant Program as a case study, this webinar showcases successful projects ranging from school bus and tractor electrification, EV educational campaigns, bicycle charging infrastructure, and more.

About Resource Innovations’ Transportation Electrification Services: We support your e-mobility transition by implementing inventive programs in community electrification, fleet electrification, and grid optimization and planning. Our areas of focus include:

  • E-mobility grant design and implementation
  • Turnkey electrification programs
  • Level 2 EVSE e-commerce marketplace
  • EV grid integration
  • Software and analytics tools for grid optimization
  • Evaluation, measurement, and verification

Plug into our portfolio of tailored, end-to-end solutions and discover how we’re transforming transportation one fleet, community, and grid at a time on our Transportation Electrification page.