It is clear we are in full swing with the transition to electric. Electric vehicle (EV) sales have reached their highest levels of all time and the federal government is issuing $7.5B in funds to guarantee sufficient charging infrastructure. Utilities, departments of transportation, state and local governments, and communities understand the need to determine how best to design programs, charging infrastructure, and their systems to enhance adoption and respond to the growing number of EVs hitting the road.

Resource Innovations can work with you on your transportation electrification transition and ensure intelligent and thoughtful programs, plans, and implementation.


For over 20 years, the Resource Innovations team has worked with our clients on a broad range of transportation electrification projects and initiatives—including electric vehicle and charging infrastructure projects, eBike incentive programs, electric mobility grant program management, fleet electrification, grid software and analysis for EV charging optimization, and grid evaluation, measurement and verification.

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Resource Innovations’ transportation electrification product line


Our Community Electrification product involves building and managing relationships with utilities, site hosts, communities, local and state government agencies, and transportation authorities with the end goal of implementing intelligent EV policies and charging plans.


Our Fleet Electrification product is a one-stop shop for utilities looking to engage with and support commercial fleet owners who are considering going electric, slowly implementing EVs, or already managing electric fleets.

Our approach allows utilities to become long-term advisors, providing education, technical assistance, incentives, and managed-charging solutions that will grow load in an intentional and intelligent fashion.


Our EV Grid Optimization and Planning product engages with utilities and ISOs to deploy the intelligence and management software needed to implement new planning practices, along with dedicated EV and DER programs to successfully optimize the growing EV population on the grid.